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  My models are not exact copies of early instruments, but follow the constructional criteria that I´ve been able to observe after many years of a meticulous study of them. Such a study includes the publications of museums and researchers, as well as  the notes, photographs and measurements that I´ve had the opportunity to make by myself directly to original instruments.

  All the modifications made from those originals, have been dictated by the needs of modern musicians, in order to obtain satisfactory instruments, from both points of view of sound and playability.

  I use only selected wood, well cured (naturally air dried minimum 6 years; often 10 or more). Most of the work is handcrafted. This offers a lot of flexibility for making changes from a given model. You can take part in the design of your instrument, deciding aspects such as wood species, dimensions and string distances, rose and other decorative items.





I started lute building in 1982 as an amateur, while I worked professionally as a multi instrument-player musician. My 1st instrument was a renaissance lute kit, that I used afterwards in many concerts and recordings of vinyl, CD´s, TV and radio. From 1992, I left more and more aside performing music to work exclusively as a luthier.

  During my amateur years, I worked occasionally with Ricard Margarit, luthier from Les Pobles (Tarragona), from who I learned my first steps about lutherie. Later, I´ve attended several instrument making courses in Spain with  Manuel G. Mayoral (flamenco guitar, Hospitalet (Barcelona), 1987); Carlos González (renaissance guitar, Aracena (Andalucía), 1995); David Van Edwards (baroque lute, internet, 1999); and José Luís Romanillos (classical guitar, Sigüenza (Guadalajara), 2005).

I regularly perform conservation and restoration work on early guitars and lutes from the Barcelona's music museum (Museu de la música de Barcelona). One of the outstanding works concluded with the recording of a CD with original guitars from the museum, performed by the great master Xavier Díaz-Latorre.

 I've also done conservation and restoration work on early guitars from private owners (Jordi Savall and others).

        I've teached several instrument making courses: renaissance lute, at the  Festival de música antigua de Gijón (2005), organized by Carlos González; renaissance vihuela de mano, organized by the Asociación de Violería y Organología Instrumental Romanillos-Harris, in Sigüenza (2010). As a result of this last experience, a DVD was made,  "How to build a vihuela de mano" (in english and spanish), and Mónica Esparza wrote an article in  American Lutherie #106

I´ve given several talks about early instrument making.

I´ve written articles in “Hispanica lyra”, the journal of the spanish vihuela  and lute society (sociedad de la vihuela), and in CD brochures (Pablo Despeyroux, Tecnosaga).




During all my working career, I´ve been really lucky to receive the instructive comments from my customers, from high level professional performers to passioned amateurs. Thanks to them, I, ve been able to improve and refine the qualities of my instruments; they have been and still are a guide on my way. I take this opportunity to thank them very much.

Here follows a list of some of them:


- Salvador Boix, professional musician

- Rafael Bonavita, professional musician 

- Xavier Coll, professional musician, teacher at the E.S.M.U.C. (Escola Superior de música de Catalunya, Barcelona)

- Pablo Despeyroux, professional musician. Sound sample: Canarios de Gaspar Sanz (guitarra barroca); canción del emperador (vihuela)

- Xavier Díaz-Latorre, professional musician  (long time partner of Jordi Savall, founder of "Laberintos Ingeniosos"), teacher at the E.S.M.U.C. (Escola Superior de música de Catalunya, Barcelona)

- Alfred Fernández, professional musician

        - Jordi Gironès, professional musician  (Astrolabi)

- Josep Mª Martí, professional musician

- David Murgadas, professional musician, teacher at the "Conservatori municipal de música d´Igualada".

- Josep Mª Olmos, professional musician and guitar teacher (d. 2012)

- Francesc Tomàs "Panxito", professional musician  (la criatura verda i sol i serena, traditional catalan music)

- Joan Sanmartí, professional jazz guitar player and composer.

        - William Waters, professional musician (Lacrimae Consort), teacher at the "Conservatori municipal de Música de Vilaseca" (Tarragona)

       - Conservatories of Barcelone (ESMUC), Vila-seca (Tarragona), Terrassa

rest of SPAIN:

- Jesús Fernández Baena, professional musician.

- Pedro Jesús Gómez , professional musician, teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla-La Mancha

-Juanjo Monroy, professional musician

- Enrique Solinís, professional musician (Hesperion XXI, Laberintos ingeniosos, Akademie für Alte Musik,...)

- Daniel and Pablo Zapico, professional musicians (Forma Antiqva). Video:


- Conservatories of Zaragoza, Gijón, Albacete


       - Cristian Gutiérrez, professional musician (Holland)

       - Pentti Hildén, professional musician (Finland)

       - Gregor Hendler, professional musician (Sweden)

       - Giulio Quirici, professional musician (Holland)

- French Conservatories of Toulouse, Limoges, Bordeaux


       - Deborah Fox, professional musician (USA)

       - Julián Navarro, professional musician (Colombia)



Sale Conditions



Prices are excluding  taxes. EU customers: with valid VAT nr: 0% VAT; without it: 21% VAT. Non EU customers: no added taxes (export).

Instruments are delivered in a case. Optional cases included in the instrument´s price listed are: either "Manzano" hardcase, or "Bagluthiers" semi-rigid lightweight case.  Other brands are available ("Kingham" hard cases, "IKA" flight cases), please ask for the price supplement. The "Talentis" vihuela is delivered with a padded bag, also included in the price.


Interesting discounts for 2nd time customers.


An order is confirmed by a pre-payment of 200 € (guitars, vihuelas and renaissance lutes) or 300 €  (theorboes and baroque lutes). The remaining is payed in 2 or 3 parts by appointment, the 1st at the beginning of the construction, and the last at the delivery.


Waiting time now (july 2014) is about 9 months to start your instrument, to be ready about 2 months later.


Diferents dimensions ( string length, string spacings at both nut and bridge) and esthetic details are available on order. I am flexible and open minded to adapt to your needs. 

Models not appearing on this page can also be made. Please, ask.



Post adress: Cal Cinto de la creu

E-08787 – Santa Càndia (Orpí)

Catalonia, Spain

(this is about 1 hour by car from Barcelona city, near Igualada)

tel. and fax:  +34 93 8080200

e-mail:  ana.jaume(here write the a inside the o instead of this bracket)bosserluthier(dot)net

I speak english

Je parle français

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Societies dedicated to the early plucked stringed instruments (lutes, theorboes,vihuelas, baroque guitars, etc…):

Sociedad de la vihuela  (Spain)

Société française de luth  (France)

- The lute society  (United Kingdom)

Lute society of America  (U.S.A)

Societa italiana del liuto  (Italy)

Deutsche Lautengesellshaft  (Germany)

Académie belge du luth  (Belgium)

Nederlandse luitvereniging  (Holand)

Svenska gitarr och luta Sällskapet  (Sweden) 

California Bay area lute group  (U.S.A.)

Lute society of Japan  (Japan)

-  Lute and early guitar society of Japan (Japan)

Internet lute society  (Internet)